Christian Atzert has been actively engaged in the Dubai property market since 2005 when he launched his first property fund which he manages and advises to date. He presently heads two German property funds, advising them on their overall investment stragegy as well as managing and negotiating the fund`s assets rental contracts.

Through his consultancy firm P.P.P Advisors, Christian has been engaged by other institutional investors to advise on their Dubai real estate investment strategy, assisting with definition and implementation as well as driving the achievement of goals.

Through P.P.P Advisors, the author provides consulting services offering competent and stringent advice throughout all phases of the property investment lifecycle. The services rendered range from evaluation and due diligence, acquisition, leasing and management of the client`s properties to stratagic planning and procurement of divestment activities. Christian is a regular contributor to the “Family Office Magazine".

Do you have questions regarding Dubai`s property market or an investment in Dubai? I am happy to provide you with guidance.